Photovoltaic water heating

The final assembly and distribution of current products will be taken from 1.4.2021

by the official manufacturer and patent owner, the company 

water heaters Dražice

Manufacturer of water heaters and boilers DZ Dražice

There was a simple idea at the beginning – to make the most economic and least faulty water heater – the best boiler. Every year we think that we have achieved that goal. And despite that, every following year we keep making better water heaters (boilers), accumulation tanks, or heating elements...

If we already know how to make water heaters, then why not combine them with the technologies of renewable resources? We have been successful in doing so. We have been supplying containers for combination with collectors, heat pumps and biomass boilers for quite some time and now we are able to offer you a combination with photovoltaic panels.

Heaters and accumulation tanks for the connection of photovoltaic panels are supplied exclusively through certified companies that are able to provide you with the desired configuration and a turn-key delivery.

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