Fotovoltaický ohřev vody Dražice

Ohřívače vody - bojlery Dražice


Teplená čerpadla NIBE

Uskladnění elektrické energie do vody

Fixed water heaters


160 L - 500 L

Fixed tanks that use electricity produced in an environment-friendly manner from photovoltaic panels for water heating are designed for:


Systém ohřevu vody

Rodinné domy

Panelové, bytové domy

Školy, nemocnice, administrativní budovy, hotely

Průmyslové, zemědělské objekty

Water heating system

Family houses

Panel and residential houses

Schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, hotels

Industrial and agrarian structures


Electricity (DC) generated by photovoltaic the panels is directly connected to the heating coils in water tank and the heating efficiency is hence very good. Direct heating is ensured by a patented device Logitex LX DC SET.


LX DC SET 1-6 kW (available are also 1-2 kW and 1-4 kW variants)


LX DC SET consists of:

A = TPK 210 – 12 /LX DC
B = LX DC BOX 1-6 kW
C = set of AC and DC cabels

The diameter of the flange (TPK 210-12 LX/DC) for inserting into a tank has a size of 210 mm.

DC SET LX is equipped with a function of preferential DC diverting. With potential-free connection (12V AC) it can redirect the electricity generated by photovoltaic panels to another device. For example, if a heat pump starts to work, power generated by panels redirects automatically from heating water into a converter that is connected to the grid together with the heat pump. The converter starts generating electricity to energize the heat pump. And if the height of electricity production is the same as the heat pump consumption, the heat pump works without drawing electricity from the grid. When the heat pump stops working, the LX DC SET system immediately redirects to heating water in the tank. That process takes place several times a day and if the heat pump cools in summer, it works throughout the year. Not only there is a significant financial savings because the grid is drawn to a minimum at the time when power is generated by photovoltaic panels, but there is a significant extension of the life of the heat pump, since the photovoltaics heats water in the heat pump tank and the heat pump does not work. Electric boiler can be connected instead of heat pump. An air conditioning unit, etc., can be connected to the Logitex device.


Preferred redirection of electricity production by photovoltaic panels via Logitex system from water heating to generate electricity for electrical devices means a solution for distribution grids of switching on heat pumps, electric boilers and air conditioning. If the outside temperature over a large territory drops or increases, it leads to their activation virtually at the same time. There is a risk of instant overloading the grid with the consequent collapse of the grid. The Logitex system significantly reduces the instant load of the grid during the day whilst almost all production from a photovoltaic source is used in the house for water heating and to power the power generating systems with little or no penetration of the generated electricity generated into the grid.





Měnič DC/AC - DC/AC converter


LXDC BOX 0.5-2 kW DC (since 2015) and LXDC BOX 1-6 kW DC have the ON/OFF GRID function by which the production of AC current through DC/AC converter can be regulated. When this function is ON the converter operates and supplies electricity to the internal grid even if the Logitex water tank is off and the electricity appliance (electric boiler, heat pump, air conditioning, etc.) that is connected to LXDC BOX via potential-free contact is turned off. When the OFF function is on, the converter operates only when the appliance connected via potential-free contact operates and consumes electricity that is fully covered by the production of electricity from photovoltaic panels through a DC/AC converter. If it does not cover it and the power output of photovoltaic panels is lower than the current consumption of the connected appliance, the appliance draws the energy difference from the grid. After switching off and when the Logitex water tank is off, DC/AC converter does not supply electricity to the internal grid and therefore there is no penetration of the generated electricity into the grid.