Fotovoltaický ohřev vody Dražice

Ohřívače vody - bojlery Dražice


Teplená čerpadla NIBE

Uskladnění elektrické energie do vody

Výrobce ohřívačů vody a bojlerů DZ Dražice

Na počátku byla jednoduchá myšlenka – vyrobit ten nejúspornější a nejméně poruchový ohřívač vody - nejlepší bojler. Každým rokem si myslíme, že jsme dosáhli cíle. A přesto každým dalším rokem vyrábíme dokonalejší ohřívače vody (bojlery), akumulační nádrže, topná tělesa...

Pokud již ohřívače vody vyrábět umíme, tak proč je nespojit s technologiemi obnovitelných zdrojů? Nám se to úspěšně daří. Zásobníky pro kombinace s kolektory, tepelnými čerpadly a kotli na biomasu dodáváme již delší dobu, ale nyní jsme schopni Vám nabídnout i kombinaci s fotovoltaickými panely.

Ohřívače a akumulační nádrže pro připojení fotovoltaických panelů jsou dodávány výhradně prostřednictvím certifikovaných firem, které jsou schopny Vám nabídnout požadovanou sestavu i dodávku tzv. "na klíč".

Photovoltaic water heating

Dear friends,

we have developed and produced something new in cooperation with the patent owner LOGITEX. New, as regards the sun power utilization and the production of electricity from photovoltaic panels. It is not just the photovoltaic power plants which cause instability of distribution networks in cases of uncontrolled constructions at high set sale prices, which results in more expensive electricity. The negative aspects often lead the clear positives of ecological production of electricity from sunlight. The worldwide problem is the storage of produced electricity. The most common method is its storage to batteries but during this process we need additional electronic devices, and the utilization has its limits.

Where can we store electricity without high investment? In water, indeed. In a water heater container. We have chosen this way and achieved our goal. We produce water heaters which use electricity from photovoltaic panels for heating. Out patent protected solution is the regulation of thermal protective elements and two spirals. Despite the produced direct current is directly connected to the heating spiral, we can safely disconnect the spirals from the source, and our system enables the use of excessive direct disconnect the spirals from the source and our system enables using the excessive direct current in further steps. It can be used for heating another boiler in the second bathroom, for the production of electricity, for heating supplied with direct current, for charging batteries, etc. We do not produce semi-functional device which other manufacturers declare to be photovoltaic water heating and forget to explain to people that if the boiler is not heated with network current to the set temperature and the sun is out, the produced current from photovoltaic panels does not heat water. We produce a real water heating by photovoltaic and our products are appreciated and recognized worldwide.Simple and effective. This was our assignment and that this is how our water heaters work.

Our development in cooperation with LOGITEX continues yet further. In 2012 we prepared new model series "M" and "M+K" and we keep going. In the beginning of 2013, we introduced new model LX ACDC/M+KW 200 l on the market. It is a special container for gas and electricity boilers. In the second half of 2013, we have started supplying the 300 litre stationary container with the option of connecting 1-6 kW from photovoltaic source, and in the beginning of 2014, we have extended the offer with containers for 300–1000 l for heating drinking water. In 2014, we introduced an intelligent system for electricity production for household and direct water heating from photovoltaic with the aim to achieve the maximum use of produced energy from photovoltaic source in household, and also photovoltaic floor heating. We want our products to introduce utility and happiness in people’s lives. We want them to have a good feeling from their active approach to the protection of environment. And we want happy smiles on people’s faces after receiving their invoices for electricity and gas used for heating water with our products.